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Pre-Purchase Surveys

The purchase of your first or next yacht or boat is an exciting time for you and your loved ones. A pre-purchase survey is a means to alleviate the stress associated with the purchase of a boat and assures that the boat that you purchase has been inspected and bench marked to the latest marine and safety standards.

Insurance Surveys

Insurance surveys inspect the vessel for structural integrity and proper installation of systems and proper safety gear. Insurance companies will want to know that the vessel they are covering is reasonably sound and that there are no obvious flaws that may cause a loss. The survey report will also include a determined value of the vessel. 

Insurance Damage Claim Surveys

The emotional trauma associated with a marine loss can often times leave the vessel owner in a confused state of mind. At A & A Marine Surveying we present a calm and professional manner and strive to research the facts of a claim, obtaining photographs, supplier reports and all other related information to assess the condition of the vessel.  

This assessment is conducted to evaluate the extent of damage to a vessel and will include determining the possible cause, recommended repairs and estimated repair costs. Each request will be followed up with a written report summarizing conversations with the vessel owner, photographs, and cross references with ABYC, USCG and NMMA standards.



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